Minding our own business

Tshering Dorji

I remembered one of my girlfriend texted me “Roses are red, sky is blue. I mind my own business, why don’t you. At first sight, I didn’t know what to react. I was like literally appalled by seeing her message. That was creepiest one though.

It’s around early afternoon; I took an Ola to The Phoenix Mall to see things around. After 20 minutes I reached my destination.

As I get down in front of the Phoenix Mall, I saw some women dressed in blue throwing garbage right sides of the mall. I stared at them for some time until they finished disposing. I followed them to see where they brought it from.

As I walked behind, I saw them speaking in Hindi. So, I thought I could talk with them in Hindi. But I was aware of my weaknesses, sometimes I really pissed off with a small thing. I tried to talk, still couldn’t.

And I knew, to start a talk with the stranger is not cup of tea. Finally it came to mind, “Okay, why can’t I talk to them?” and started there.

Me. Hello, Didi, Kya sai hai.

The replied, they murmured and said ‘Kon hai tum’.

Me. Didi, kuch nai sai asai pucha hai.

They replied, toh?

Me. Didi, aap lok eii ther waste qq pheg ra hai, roos eii ther.

Me. Oh!

They replied, tum qq bol rai, aap ka kam kya hai, chup chap eii ther sai ne kal jaw aap kam kar. Their replies made me awkward to reply back.

My intension was to tell them to throw waste in a proper place.

Who knows, you might be next?


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