Clean station lacks toilet facility


Chennai: Tambaram Railway Station, one of the busiest in Chennai with nine platforms has shortage of toilet facilities. The toilet for the Specially abled was found locked.

Though the railway station is equipped with the other facilities, it lacks basic facilities like toilet and parking facility. The parking lot is not organised and vehicles (two wheelers) are haphazardly parked in the lot without much space between the vehicles.

Apart from these two major issues the railway station has modern facilities for the commuters. The Railwire wi-fi internet connection is a success. With free internet at a good speed, passengers stay connected.

The railway station has a 24 hour medical facility run by Deepam Medical center. It has waiting rooms for long distance passengers and Breastfeeding rooms for lactating mothers( the scheme was launched under the late CM J.Jayalalitha.

The platforms in the railway station were clean and there were dustbins every few meters in each platform. Drinking water facilities were available and there at least two taps in each of the Platforms.

The railway station is equipped with security cameras and The Railway Protection force (central) and The Government Railway Police (State) are located next to each other close to platform 1A.




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