Journey through different facets of Chennai

U M Abhijith

Reporting essentially is an opportunity to meet different people and see different places. When I got story about a bus journey from Thiruvanmiyur to Tiruvattiyor, what striked me was the name of the latter place. I was hearing about the place for the first time.

When I searched in Google maps, it showed that it was  24 kms. The journey took  around one and half hours. I have felt that it is while travelling in a bus, not in a cab, that we look around to see places.

The journey encompasses several landmark places in Chennai- Chennai Central Station, Reserve Bank Office, Madras High Court and Kapaleeshwarar Temple.

Interestingly, I could meet people from different walks of life. I met an engineering graduate who was going to the Reserve Bank office to exchange an old 500 rupee note. Despite struggling with the impacts of the new policy, he was in support of it.

Bus, which was most of the time crowded, became a symbol of the Chennai city.




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