Covering Ennore oil spill

Five days back there was an oil spill in Bay of Bengal, few miles off the Ennore port in Chennai after two ships colided. Initially this incident dis not get enough coverage in the mainstream media which reminded me of a similar oil spill in Arabian sea off the Mumbai’s coast which was all over the mainstream media for days.

As soon as I was asked to decide a story to cover for my reporting assignment. I made up my mind to go to Ennore and report on how the clean up operation is being carried out after five days of oil spill. After travelling for more than an hour, I finally reached Ennore where I saw clean up operation being carried out on the shore.


Near the shore, there was too much oil all over and it was settling on the shore. I saw many volunteers working along with the coast guards and they were all taking out oil manually. With some help with translation, I was able to get some quotes by the fishermen too. I spoke to the volunteers, activists and marine engineering students who were part of the operation.


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