Aswachh railways…

Prudhvi Vegesna

Chennai: Indian railways has become an inseparable part of many of our lives. While many of us cherish train journeys, many of us are equally taken aback when we think of the state of sanitation in trains and railway platforms.

I reached Chennai Central railway station to report on the sanitation, after traveling in an MRTS train for over half an hour. I had taken a platform ticket, the cost (Rs 10) of which was double than my travel ticket.(Something which always intrigues me.)

As I entered the station and walked past the platforms I had seen many passengers spilling the garbage and leaving the food waste on the platform without throwing them on the dustbins. The railway tracks were ugly soiled with dirt.

I talked to a sanitation worker and surprised to hear from her that they were not paid for three months despite the hard work they put in day and night. I was moved when she appealed me for help with regard to the payment of salaries.

Later I went to sanitation inspectors office to enquire about the details. The first question I encountered with suspicion was, who are you? whats your purpose of visit. When I said that I am a Journalist the suspicion got heightened. He made me wait for half an hour before I asked him further questions. ( Sarkari suspicion)

Later I observed the surroundings of the railway station. The sanitation around it was equally appalling. After reporting there, I call it a day for my reporting day and came back to work on the report at around 5.30 p.m.





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