The submissive beings of Chennai


Dreary clouds, greyish sky, windy weather and you start falling in love with the city all over again. And then you witness herd of cattle in the middle of the road.

It wasn’t that bad really. But it was a little different from the rest of the Chennai I’ve visited. Roaming around on the roads with the wind in your hair and you stumble onto a cow walking straight in your direction, ready to bump into you. And the wonderful part is it’s not a cow, it’s a herd of them.

Now coming from Lucknow, this wasn’t anything new. The cows here were organised at least, eating in a group, maintaining the brotherhood. Back in Lucknow, each cow and a buffalo has a mind of their own. They’re everywhere, but not in a group. You will never find them in a group. They’re possessive about their spots like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang and each one of them sits individually owning the street like a boss. Come to think of it, their diet might be different too because they’re huge and bulky with heavy horns.

The cattle here seemed docile, the kind that wouldn’t hurt a soul. So meticulous and homely. I saw them walking in a single file while coming from their sheds towards the congested roads and dispersing and calves crying at the sight of their mother. I’ve seen human babies cry their lungs out, but this was a rare sight where the young calf literally skipped a beat and bawled like a baby seeing the mother. I even made a video of that. People judged me thinking I’m a foreigner who had never seen a cow before.

Although it would have been better if the cattle here wasn’t so submissive. Watching them make their way between cars and teased by youngsters wasn’t a pretty sight. I had read up on cattle menace in Chennai but this was far from it. Lucknow and Kanpur are subject to this menace, especially Kanpur. I bet people in Chennai would get scandalised seeing the cattle menace in Kanpur.
Cattle in Delhi are found inside the railway stations and not just at Platform 10, which is connected to the road but on Platform 16 and 17 as well. What’s fascinating is that rest of the platforms are located deeper inside. How do they even manage to get there and roam around? I always question this when I see one. And I almost always see one.

So I wouldn’t call the cattle here a menace or any kind of trouble, instead they’re very homely and very white. And the people seem to love them too except when they’re driving on the road. Humans be funny like that!


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