Republic day parade and goosebumps !


Had set an alarm for 5 30, only because I did not want to miss an important event. Things went as planned, left home by 6 15. All I could see was police men around every nook and corner of the road. The entire stretch of Radhakrishnan salai leading to the beach was blocked with barricades and police patrol.  Traffic was diverted to the other side of light house. I was one among the crowd, cribbing and struggling my way through the traffic. I parked my vehicle quite far away and started to walk.

As I entered, I could see the armed forces shouting their heart out and rehearsing for the parade.  People started gathering on either side of the roads. There was a process before the entry into audience area and that was called security checking. Unfortunately I was not permitted because I wearing a black legging. “Black not allowed,” screamed a staff. Then I had to show her my identity card and convince.

As time passed by, crowd gathered around the beach. Amidst the chaos I was trying to take as many pictures as possible. I was literally bombarding my twitter and facebook with pictures. After all work demands that much effort atleast. Anyway, I was not the only one, entire crowd was clicking pictures and selfies.

I was interacting with few youngsters there and we were all discussing about Jallikattu and the chaos around it. Had they not stopped the protest, the Republic day wouldn’t have happened.

The eager moment I was waiting for was when the security guards accompanying our Chief Minister’s vehicle entered the arena. The tricoloured flag was hoisted along with national anthem. A flash of movie scenes just passed through my thoughts and left me with goose bumps. That was my first experience. Had it not been for reporting, I wouldn’t have gone for the celebrations.

I have always wanted to serve the armed forces; however, life took a different turn. Seeing them parade with their heads held high totally inspired me. It was such a proud moment.

But nothing could match the entertainment part by school kids. It brought back all the nostalgic memories. It reminded me of my performances back then. A different feeling altogether.

It was a memorable day indeed!



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