Report on Republic Day celebrations


I reached the Marina beach, the venue for the Republic Day celebrations, at 7.15 am. That was the time when people were slowly started coming in and as I was walking around the stands, an old man asked me whether I had an entry pass or not. I replied, I don’t have a pass. He asked me to go along with him as he had an extra VIP pass. I rejected his offer saying that I need to wait for a friend. That’s not the actual reason.I want to stand with the crowd to get more quotes as I know if I go and sit in the stands, I would not have an opportunity to talk with many people.

The overall reporting exercise was quite good.I got the opportunity to see the Chief Minister and top government officials from close quarters. The crowd was very less. One striking experience was many old people with whom I tried to interact with about Republic Day did not respond.Till 10.30 am I reported on Republic Day.

Later I went to Nadukuppam along with Tilak. I had seen the damaged property and listened to the grievances of people there.Spent sometime there.I reached home at 2.30pm after having lunch outside.I had a nap and started working on my story from 4.30.

Despite my best efforts to mail the story by 8 pm, I failed to send it on time. Can I blame the slow internet connection for it?


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