Keeping the language barrier aside


Keeping the language barrier aside.

Anna, Anna, please, just one minute, I want to know how you feel about Republic Day, please…” I pleaded a young guy who was hurriedly walking on the service road lane near Indra Nagar MRTS.

He gave me a disgusted look saying ‘enna, enna’ and briskly walked away.

Cursing myself for not knowing at least two sentences of Tamil to start a conversation, I just bought an MRTS ticket and reached Kasturibai Nagar within five minutes in search of my story.

While getting down I accidently stepped on to a person who knows Hindi. I appreciated myself for hurting someone for the first time because I have found someone who can respond to my queries.

I asked him, what Republic meant for him?

Surprisingly, he said, please, I am busy now and walked away.

I waited there for 10 more minutes.  A few minutes later, I met a student on the doorsteps and he was willing to talk to me.

We had a conversation on different topics ranging from Republic day to the recent Jallikattu protest.

“I would mark the day with pride and remember the day when India’s Constitution came into force 69 years ago, even as politicians and a pervading new sense of “nationalism” have left us disappointed,” he said.

I wished him, ‘Happy Republic Day’.

Again I waited there for some time but somehow, I saw some young boys playing Cricket besides MRTS. I ran towards them.

“Hey guys, what’s up,” I said, reaching the ground.

They stared at me and probably murmured something like ‘vellakaran

Those guys understood what I was talking about but couldn’t reply to me in English. I had managed to ask through sign language and recorded what they were saying.

Lastly, I had clicked a selfie with them and rushed to platform no.1 to get the train.

This time I traveled without a ticket.



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