Chemenchery Dreams in Colour


Sometimes it takes more than resources to succeed in life. First you have to dream and to dream you need a nurturing positive atmosphere. Children at Chemenchery don’t even get that from their parents.

The depressing living conditions pervades their daily lives. An area dominated by alcoholism and abuse. Cramped together in small living quaters, schools are the only ray of hope for these little dreamers. And AWARE is on a mission to make this ray of hope a bit more colourful.

It’s truly inspiring to see so many people come together to bring a smile to the children. To see the walls of the primary schools (or creches as they are called) to come alive with colour and figures and cartoons brings a smile to everyone’s faces.: be it old or young.

Some cynical people may argue that ‘they are just ornamenting or decorating the places. It’s not that big of a deal. What’s the point in the end?’

But it does make a big difference to make the learning place of a toddler more colourful. It encourages them to go back to learn everyday, to dream, and to dream big.

In the end as my reporting was over, I joined in with the volunteers in contributing whatever little I could to their painted walls of imagination.

It was a liberating experience. Art is an experience that transcends language. Even among children, it’s easier to express through visuals and colours. Their dreams aspirations sometimes even deeper, darker experiences that they are scared or afraid of. Their traumas, their fears, their pains, their nightmares.

Painting and colours speak a universal language. A language that is capable of transcending time and boundaries.


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